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Atlanta based hip hop emcee/producer DOUG takes his listeners throughout his enigmatic mind, representing the scope of his character; conceived and developed in Naples, Florida.  As one of the wealthiest cities in the country with the second highest proportion of millionaires per capita according to Wikipedia, Naples is sparse with ethnic diversity and fertile with tourists while having the Everglades as the backdrop. This dichotomy contributed to his development of self and his relationship with Hip Hop. Consumed by the ‘Art of Rap’ by the age of 9, DOUG has honed his emcee and production skills over the past 18 years.  As a fan he is attracted to the ‘art of rap’; as an emcee he is driven to earn respect of the legends he admires. With his respect of the multidimensionality of Hip Hop and a personal disdain for unoriginality, DOUG cuts through the abundance of blah.

All of DOUG’s hard work has cumulated into his 4th album Fool. The largely self-produced album contains 11 original tracks (also 5 FCC clean mixes, for total of 16).   “Modus Operandi” reintroduces and catches us up on DOUG, with absolutely no filtering from his mind to pen, to mouth. With songs like “Danger” and “Pale Blue Dot” which are thought provoking elements shaped by the world we live in, there is an understanding of the pensive mind we are listening to. “HYSH” is a playful and poignant track about a man scorned, while “Whump” is a non-concept record that showcases DOUG’s clever wordplay and uber-unique flow. Top-to-bottom, DOUG dubs FOOL his “most complete effort to date”.